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Cuddle Buddy

Yes more crafts. It's beyond an obsession now. :p

This is a CUDDLE BUDDY [well that's what I like to call it]. It's a little crochet plushie to give little kids as a comforting toy for when they sleep.

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Sir Peeki Ami

So last week Holly [hollycaust] said she was looking for two particular editions of Knit.1 mag and I said I'd try and find them in Mag Nation. Well I found one so that was good and it just so happened to be the one with Amigurumi patterns in it. How nice. Hehe. So the other day I decided that I'd give one a go [I photocopied the pages for my own use]. They're all animals from the Chinese zodiacs. So I tried the rat one and well I guess I wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing and the head ended up much bigger than it needed to be and it looked more like a human than a rat. No worries I'll make it into a human then. So I did and here's what I ended up with:

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beads question

Hi ) That is my first try to post here - actually, in any E-lingual community, so sorry for any mistakes or inaccuracies. I used to do a lot of beading, and resently began to experiment with s-precious stones. Some examples of my work are under the lj-cut.

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I use lots of glass beads, but the only affordable way to get them seems to be the online shopping. Does anyone know some good places to get beads and stones in Melbourne? I normally get stones from "Colours of the Earth" or "Victoria Market" and accessories mainly from Lincraft@Australia on Collins. There also was a good "Spititual bookshop"@Block Arcade, but, unfortunately, it closed down.

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Bushfire Craft Help

Alright all you crafties out there... Handmade Help is taking donations of crafty things for the Victorian bushfire victims. These can be anything from toys, to blankets, to scarves, hats, etc etc.

The following sites have all the info you need:



I'm now off to make some cute toys for all the affected children that lost their toys in the fires. :)

Luv Bali.

Crochet Cushion Cover

This was another of the big pressies I made Mom for her birthday.

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Scrapbook Clock

This is another present that I made Mom for her 60th birthday.

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Scrapbook CD Tin

It was my Mom's 60th birthday party on the weekend and I've been madly running around for the last 4 weeks making her pressies. This CD tin was one of the last things I made her. I quickly mocked it up in a few hours.

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Recent Random Crochet Projects

So here are some recent random projects I've been working on.

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Red Case and Frame

This was a custom order that I did for my friend Bee's Mom's birthday last week. It was a hit needless to say. :)

Here are the photo's of the case and frame...

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Hi all.

Just wondering what you all use to fill amigurumi's or toys? I've only ever used fibrefil or something of the like. Have any of you used rice or beans or anything and where do you even get those bean things?

Luv Bali.